I Resolve, But With No Resolution, and Heart of the World

To take better care of myself;

To go to Toronto & Montreal at least once a year, and while in Toronto, get a haircut by Jimi imiJ;

To learn to let stuff go;

To be tidier and more organized (morganized);

To be stronger;

To learn to follow through with things;

To learn how to not procrastinate;

To write at least one long-ish (1000+ words) essay per week;

To learn how to show up and be present.

I love, when people are reading books that I have enjoyed reading, asking "Where are you now?"

Where am I now? I’m in a place where I can see several parallel, more or less desirable, versions of me. I’m moving myself towards the more desirable versions.

Much time ago, Jimmy Cummins (I, Braineater) said to me "Every day you do something, it gets easier." I think he meant it to imply that I was selling my soul in getting educated, but I took it to imply that mastery comes with practice. Either (or both) of our versions may be true, like all else, depending on context.

The third Jim for the day is Jungle Jim Pansy, the stuffed monkey. Love me, love my monkey.

I have committed to supporting this project: The Heart of the World, which is a proposed art & performance space to be located in an old theatre on Commercial Drive. The woman who is putting it all together appears to have a lot of support from interesting artists of many kinds. The Heart of the World looks like a splendid place to invest a bit of time and/or other resources.

~ by thiscassandra on Monday 8 January 2007.

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