Drum Party Next Door

I woke late today and barely made it to the store downstairs to buy tins of maple syrup for the girls. I also bought potatoes and cabbage to make a cabbage version of kale and potato and chorizo soup (there was no kale in the shop). I invited Rob/Bob (my ex) over for soup and he came over, but he was, of course, late.

He made it clear that Brice had been expecting to meet me today, but I didn’t hear my phone ring (never have, so at last have adjusted the ring so that I can recognize it as a ring, not as a random beep) and my great friend Rob H never answers his phone if he doesn’t recognize the number calling. So Brice and I weren’t able to hookup today. I hope that we’ll be able to see one another tomorrow.

Brice has retired from his art career as of June. His most recent pieces were mosaics made of  bits of cut up gay porn. I saw some of these the last time I was here (two years ago), and they were (are)  stunning pieces of work. I bought a small early version of this stuff at the Grunt deck of cards fundraiser. I can’t remember which card it was, but it’s mine. I outbid some other afficionado for it.

Claude, Brice’s boyfriend, is continuing with this work, making a series of large portraits of actresses playing Queen Elizabeth I for a group show in January. I’d like to see them, but I won’t be able to.

An e-mail arrived from Max telling me that she’d spent my birthday (27th) with a bad case of stomach flu. My great friend Rob H was sick yesterday (29th) with some sort of intestinal unhappiness. My GI tract has been feeling a bit distressed today, but I think I’m okay. I hope to be okay, because if I’m sick in the way that Rob was sick, I’ll have to change my flight. I would rather not be sick in the way that Rob was sick, on an airplane.

The day I arrived Rob went out while I was napping and rented three films: "Mini’s First Time" a film featuring a stupid and bloated Alec Baldwin schtuping his high school aged murderous sociopathic step-daughter; "Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World" a film with Albert Brooks playing himself sent by the US government on a mission to find out what makes Muslims laugh; "Pollock" Ed Harris’ homage to Jackson Pollock, the painter.

We watched all of these three films today as well as a compilation of sketches from Sacha Baron Cohen’s show Ali G. I liked SBC’s characters Borat and Bruno.

I’m a bit tired, but there’s a drumming party going on next door, there is no rest for me until it stops.

~ by thiscassandra on Saturday 30 December 2006.

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