Post Birthday Post

I went up Boulevard St. Laurent to get my hair cut at Coupe Bizarre. Danny, my stylist (Phillipino), asked if I ever dated Asians, and I said, "No, only white people."
and he laughed and said, "You’re a Potato Queen," and explained what he meant. Potato queen is wonderful, new-to-me gay culture terminology for people who only date Caucasian people. The other wonderful term he introduced me to is Sticky Rice – that is Asian people who only date other Asian people. Danny and I are Potato Queens. I love these terms.

Danny asked what influenced my current look, and I figured it was a combination of Audrey Hepburn’s character’s bookstore clerk look in Funny Face (brown smock and black turtleneck – designed by Givenchy), the girl in "The City of Lost Children" (jumper over a striped shirt – designed by Gaultier) and Pippi Longstocking (fierce striped stockings and boots – designed by unknown person). Youth and innocence, grounded by the boots.

I haven’t had a precision haircut in a very long time: this one is quite short and kind of ragged and kind of blunt at the same time. I have a fringe. Danny said, "This cut will make you look younger." He took quite a lot of time with it, cutting individual bits of hair, and straightening all of it. He told me that after a wash it’ll return to its shaggy and unruly tendencies, which I like a lot. Continuing with the theme of innocence, my great friend Rob H defined it as "tres gamine".

After Coupe Bizarre I met Rob/Bob (my ex) at La Paryse for burgers. We then walked over to St. Denis, and up St. Denis to his place at the northwest corner of Parc La Fontaine (where they used to keep an elephant during the summer, moving the elephant to Parc Angrignon for the winter), then farther north to the Fairmont bagel bakery where we bought bagels and cream cheese. Then we walked to the Laurier metro station and I caught the subway back to Rob’s place in Old Montreal.

It is cold here. Freezing. I’d forgotten what cold can be like.

Patrick cooked dinner for Rob and me, pasta with chicken and cream sauce. Patrick and Rob are two of the best cooks I know. It is wonderful to have friends who own (and cook in) popular restaurants who want to cook for me.

~ by thiscassandra on Thursday 28 December 2006.

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