Bones of the Day

On the way to meet Marlene (we were going to the Giants game) I took the #4 bus to the end of the line, along McGill Avenue to Renfrew and around the corner to Eton Street which is close to the Pacific Coliseum, where the game was. On the north side of McGill Avenue at Penticton Street is a grocery store. At this corner, while crossing the street, my mother’s mother’s sister May was run down by a car.

The driver ran (never caught), and Auntie May died of her injuries. I remember hearing on the radio about this unidentified older Oriental woman who had been killed by a car while crossing McGill before I heard that Auntie May had been killed by a hit and run driver while crossing McGill to buy milk.

Nowadays there’s a pedestrian controlled traffic signal at that intersection. So there is some point in the pointless death of a little old Chinese lady on her way to buy milk, shuffling across a street that resembles nothing more than the Atari Freeway, with little old Chinese ladies instead of chickens dodging the cars.

Brian, my mother’s cousin, who is also the son of Auntie May, has had some tragic occurrences in his life: first his mother being killed by a hit and run driver, and then his son Lance being killed by having a dumpster fall on the car he was in, and now Brian is very sick with cancer.

It’s cold here today, toque and scarf and gloves weather. I saw a young woman dressed in a turquoise camisole with brown low rider pants and flip flops. Brr.

The Department Head where I work gets season’s passes for the Giants games. If he can’t make it to the games, he gives the tickets away, sometimes to me. My friend Marlene loves hockey, so we make an effort to go. We like to watch the games and see the remote controlled blimps charging at one another and see the between periods rounds of humans sliding down the ice and trying to knock over the inflatable bowling pins. We also like the Zambonis, especially the one which has an ad on it stating that the VPD (Vancouver Police Department) is hiring.

Last week the head gave me four sets of tickets to use or to give away.
The game this evening was the last of the four, and only one which
Marlene and I were able to attend. This evening the game was the Giants
against the Seattle Thunderbirds.


The T-Birds have a player whose # is 3, whose given name is Scott, and whose surname is Jackson. This fact is, in and of itself, utterly trivial and of no consequence. How it rates as odd, is that I have a Livejournal friend whose name is 3catsjackson with whom I have had more than one odd and synchronous occurrence. Doubly and exponentially odd, because, well, just because. Trust me, it’s odd.

Even I, who exist in a universe full of of odd occurrences, consider this occurrence odd.

~ by thiscassandra on Wednesday 13 December 2006.

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