October Weather

Greg, my possible roofing guy came by Saturday and looked at the two roofs and at stains on the ceilings, and gave me a list of things I should try – seal the flashings and seams on the skylights, seal any cracks I find, remove moss from the
bricks, paint over the stains with Kilz and see if they come back, etc. – and if all goes well, then no repairs are necessary. Otherwise we start to look for the leak(s). I can start on these projects in any good weather. I like the roofing guy.

Walking through Chinatown on my way to Pat’s place Saturday I saw the Modern Life girl (Today of Days: Further Modernity Among Other Things) who wasn’t wearing glasses, not even lop-sided ones. Her glass is looking pretty empty right now, I’d say.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t go out yesterday, that I would stay home and do my assignments for my painting class, and I am pleased to announce that I did this. I promised myself that I would cook food yesterday, and I am pleased to announce that I did this (navy bean and bacon soup). I promised myself that I would not socialize yesterday, but I was not successful. Rob/Bob (my ex) called. He’s in town completing his deal to purchase the apartment across the hall from Sheila and Erin (he has even found tenants to rent) and I invited him over to share my soup. I just made him bring some good bread.

We had a good talk about dom-ness (mine) and sub-ness (his), and about doing the easy thing and doing the right thing. That sort of stuff. Grown up stuff that both he and I need to think about (separately, not in relation to one another).

Susana and I ran into my friend Peter this afternoon, who is doing as well as can be expected all things considered (a malicious, malignant, metasticized paraganglioma). He told us that he’s leaving on Sunday next for three weeks vacation in Buenos Aires, which is where Susana is from. She was excited to meet someone who is traveling to Argentina soon.

Although the weather has been glorious today, it has been so cold that I wore the toque that I bought when I was in Halifax (4 years ago). It’s a warm wool hat. It is good to have a warm wool hat.

~ by thiscassandra on Monday 30 October 2006.

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