Those Boots Again

My great friend Rob H and I went to the Aquarium today to see and admire the aquatic beasts. I like the aquarium a lot.

After the Aquarium we went and had lunch at the New Town Bakery,
which reminds me of the old style Chinese restaurants that used to be
common in Chinatown in the 40s and 50s and 60s, and that all
disappeared in the 70s. We had congee, sticky rice, beef and broccoli
and a choi yook bao. It was all good, and, surprisingly, not too salty.

After lunch we came to thisCastle and ate apple tarts (ping guo ta)
from New Town Bakery, while sitting in chairs that used to be at Alda’s
house. Then we went up on the roof and sat on the patio chairs that
used to be Alda’s. It was funny.

After that Rob went back to Kerrisdale and I went to Granville
Island to go to Opus to buy more paint (pthalo blue, cadmium yellow
medium, alizarian crimson) and a daylight balanced work lamp. While
there I ran into Alex, a good friend whom I’ve not seen for a few

The last time I saw Alex was in Continental Coffee on Commercial
Drive. I had told him about thisCastle and showed him a picture. He
said he wanted to see it, and we exchanged e-mail addresses and phone
numbers. Neither of us followed up with contact.

Today we chatted a bit and exchanged phone numbers again, then he
looked down and looked back up and said, "Nice boots, you got a whip to
go with them?"

"Not yet, but I’m working on it."

"When you get one, let me know. I’d be into it…I’m married though. Does that bother you?"

I knew that Alex was living with someone, but not that he was
married, so I quizzed him about it, asking him twice when he got married. He didn’t seem to
want to talk about it, and mumbled "Briefly."

Thinking I’d defused a potential bomb, I asked, "These aren’r really
dom boots, are they?", and Alex, looking directly into my eyes, almost
moaned, "If you wear those boots, I’ll go down on you for three hours,"
and then he looked back at the boots, then made a show of not looking
at them anymore.

And then he said, "I can’t believe I’m talking like this, I’ve never talked to anyone like this…Am I scaring you?"

I can’t remember ever having been propositioned so boldly. And it
was a little scary, but I’m okay with being a little scared once in a

Anyway, Alex and I have known one another for more than 10 years, and
he’s kind of goofy and kind of cute and kind of awkward, and there has
never been any hint of anything like this before. If I can get myself
into a state of interest, I may take him up on his offer. After all he
is kind of goofy and kind of cute.

Though I can think of plenty of other activities, a variety of which
could fill three hours quite nicely, that I would find more interesting
than having someone go down on me for that amount of time. I would have to make
something of more interest to me happen, and keep making things happen.

I used to do a bit of a dom thing with a former lover, but I found
myself a bit bored by it. He thought I did it well, but I didn’t agree:
I felt self-conscious and uncomfortable. Now, I might be able to do it
better, because I’m better at playing games and roles. You would have
to be good at pretense to make being a dom fun.

It might be fun to toy with people and to be a bit of a dom. I’ll give it some thought.

Even though it might be fun, and I’m not likely to go for it, all this stuff is interesting in that I hadn’t
given much thought to the intrinsic nature of the boots and this
interchange was quite revealing, I knew the boots are hot in their butch
way, but I didn’t think of them in sexual terms. It’s good that I
now know the effect that my FUCK YOU boots can have on other people; I
am aware that they have some sexual currency (and may be even more well
worth what I paid for them).

One of my friends once told me a joke, paraphrased as "Men have two
of being, hungry and horny. If you see a guy without an erection, give
him a sandwich." Alex might not want to eat a sandwich, but then I
probably wouldn’t give him one. I might give him an apple tart though,
but only if he were a very good boy.

~ by thiscassandra on Sunday 22 October 2006.

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