Yet More Flourishing

Brian and I were sitting out front of Yoka’s coffee roaster on Broadway near Waterloo, and the True Cameron (see My Unindifferent Universe – Il Cameroni), carrying his helmet, walked past and gave me a look. I was surprised to see him and I didn’t smile, just tracked him passing us. I didn’t even crane my neck to see where he went.

Brian and I then went across Broadway to Notte’s to buy cookies, and while we were choosing, the True Cameron walked past, but did not look in the window.

Brian and I then went to the car, which was parked just north of Broadway, so we had to cross the street again. When we were getting into the car, the True Cameron turned left off of Broadway and roared past.

I suspect he was watching to see where Brian and I went, and then, when he saw that we went north of Broadway, started up the bike and zoomed past. I suspect he intended it as one more melodramatic flourish (see Some Things Never Quite Go Away).

I might find his immaturity, his melodramatic flourishes, more disturbing were I not flourishing in the life that I am lucky enough to live. Of the two of us, I started out doing better than he was, and I am, I am pretty sure, still doing better than he is…I am thankful for this…and I no longer want to say "Hello" to him.

He, who adds to his apparent unworthiness with each interaction, is annoying.

~ by thiscassandra on Thursday 28 September 2006.

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