The Best Revenge…

After work on Friday afternoon, Susana (the new secretary) and I were going downtown to hang out in the mall and shop for clothes. We waited with a bunch of other people at the bus loop for five or ten minutes, then the driver returned from having a smoke break or using the toilet or socializing with his peers, and let us onto the bus. When we got onto the bus and took our seats at the rear of the bus, Susana said, "Guess who’s on the bus," and I knew right away who.

I looked forward and saw her there: Katharine, the nasty piece of secretarial work (NSPW) (see Happy Birthday, Dear Rob/Bobbie). Katharine, who is not one of my most favoured people (see Some Other God-Damned Deadly Sin or So), Katharine. Neither of us had seen her standing at the stop with the other people, and couldn’t figure out where she’d been hiding.

Susana, being the passionate Latina that she is, threw hexes at NSPW until I elbowed her and told her to stop.

I, being the reserved and diffident banana that I am, just felt righteously glad that the NSPW saw the two of us, Susana and me, enjoying one anothers’ company. What could be better revenge than becoming friends in spite of someone else’s hatefulness? Not much.

~ by thiscassandra on Monday 25 September 2006.

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