A Scanner Darkly and Boots

Marlene and I went to see A Scanner Darkly this afternoon, and each enjoyed it a lot (against expectation). Keanu Reeves does a really good job as a "burnt out husk" (the part he has been playing all along) and Robert Downey Jr. is good as a hypocritical know-it-all, in fact everyone is good in this film. I wonder if that is a function of the footage being altered by drawing onto the film (Rotoscope animation – used to be done by hand, now done in computer), and the images becoming drawings rather than filmic images. It was very, very cool how peoples’ hair and their features flowed.


Keanu Reeves is beautiful, even as a cartoon character.

After the movie we went to the Fluevog Store where I found motorcycle boots in greasy leather, and they were even my size. I’ve been thinking about motorcycle boots for quite some time, but never found the ones that worked for me.

10 years ago, when we were in Bogota, I saw some brown motorcycle boots which I didn’t buy. They had leather soles, and when Rob/Bob (my ex) asked me why I hadn’t bought them, I told him that they were fantasy boots because I walk a lot and, because it rains a lot in Vancouver, leather soled footwear isn’t practical, so the Colombian motorcycle boots wouldn’t have worked out.

The following summer I bought a pair of Steve Madden motorcycle boots brand new at a yard sale. They were very shiny, though not patent leather, and the soles were a bit hard on my feet. I wore them a bit and then the finish started to crack, and then the black dye lifted, leaving them patchy black and tan. I don’t often wear piebald footwear, so the Steve Madden motorcycle boots didn’t work out.

About 7 years ago I found some motorcycle boots in the Dayton’s store, but the smallest size was too big for me. I tried on some other Dayton boots that were my size, but they were made on some last that was completely wrong for my foot shape. In fact, even though these boots were my size, having my feet in them was so painful that I likened the experience to Medieval torture: crones having various body parts placed in various pieces of equipment by Torquemada and others in their Spanish Inquisitive torture of witches and other heretics. This is a lot of baggage for a pair of boots to bear, so the Dayton motorcycle boots didn’t work out.

About 4 years ago there was someone in my group therapy who had motorcycle boots made by Doc Martin, and I thought about finding out if these came in my size, and then came to my senses. I find Docs comfortable initially, but after they’re worn in I find them to be agonizing, so the Doc Martin motorcycle boots wouldn’t have worked out.


Last time I went to the Fluevog Store with Marlene (four years ago – after a VIFF screening that neither of us enjoyed) I bought these Chelsea boots in burgundy (last pair, my size, marked down half price, $98). Today I bought the motorcycle boots, whose soles resist Alkali Water Acid Fatigue Satan, in black. It seems that everytime she and I go into that store together after a film, I buy boots.

My relationship with the Burgundy Chelsea Boots (which have the same type of sole as the motorcycle boots, with resistance to the same stuff) has worked out well for me – soon after buying them they were my main footwear during my trip to the Maritimes – so I am optimistic that my relationship with the Black Motorcycle Boots has the potential to work out well too.

My friend Craig once used this term "Fill your boots" to mean "Take as much as you want."

I’m filling my boots. They are half full.

~ by thiscassandra on Sunday 17 September 2006.

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