Funny Things Seen, # 1

When I was finishing my degree in English one of my jobs was working in an on-campus t-shirt shop with several other young female university students. There was also Erin, a sweet middle-aged woman from Mexico who could always be depended on to say things in the kindest possible way.

One day a small Middle Eastern man came into the shop. He was perfumed and a bit puffy and pompous and full of self, sort of a small rooster strutting about amongst the hens. He tried to connect with some of us, and was a bit overbearing. At one point he turned around and we saw that coming out of the waistband of his pants was a seven foot long toilet paper tail dragging on the ground.

We tittered about it, which made the guy think we were giggling about his studliness, which made him even puffier and more full of himself. We made Erin tell him that he was dragging the paper, and when she did, he didn’t believe her. She just said, "Look for yourself," which he refused to do for the longest time.

When he finally looked, he was, of course, mortified; most people would be mortified to realize that they were dragging one
single square of toilet paper on their heel, and this guy was dragging 20
or 30 squares from the back of his pants. He ran out of the shop in a panic and went into the men’s washroom. As far as I know he never came out of the washroom, much less into the shop again.

Having suffered the embarassment of coming out of a washroom with the back of my dress tucked into the top of my pantyhose, I can honestly say that dragging a toilet paper tail from the waistband of my pants would have been far more embarassing. Seeing someone else do it is another thing entirely. Things don’t get much funnier than other peoples’ embarassment.

~ by thiscassandra on Friday 8 September 2006.

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