Some Things Never Quite Go Away

The True Cameron has been in my mind a bit the last few days, and
this evening I saw him on the street chatting up a young-ish, tomboy-ish Asian woman.

I was walking to one of the co-op cars in
which I’d left my sunglasses case a week or so ago, and I walked past,
but didn’t acknowledge them. After fetching the sunglasses case, I
thought of walking back another way, but decided to face the issue and
claim my neighbourhood, so walked back towards them. As I approached,
the young woman walked away, studiously avoiding eye contact with me,
and the True Cameron put his helmet on and drove away.

It might have been better if I had chosen to go back home
by another route, but I didn’t. Part of me wanted to speak with him and wishes that he and I could have
talked, but it’s probably best that he chose to drive away the way he
did, purposefully waiting for me to get close enough to show
that he was avoiding me. Clearly it was a snub. Maybe he was the wiser of us.

I am glad to see that he is well and chatting up Asian girls on the street – living up to expectations, but such melodramatic flourishes are a disappointment.

Life is suffering. Take that!

~ by thiscassandra on Wednesday 23 August 2006.

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