Some Other God-Damned Deadly Sin or So

Yesterday the temp secretary told me that the Nasty Piece of Secretarial Work (NSPW) who left last month could exercise her right to return to the job. I think she probably would not, after all, coming back to a job which you left under such circumstances would be enormously uncomfortable.

I’ve heard that the Director, when asked what would happen should this come to pass, said, "I’m not sure I would welcome her back."

What happened the last time the NSPW came to the office:

I had sorted the mail that day and had given her pay notice (a document that tells you how much has been deposited to your bank account – not really necessary to get it right away) to the HR person to forward to her. This is standard protocol. Florida, the Finance person, who is friends with the NPSW, fetched it from the desk of the HR person and took it to her desk.

Florida and I were in her office when the NPSW arrived. She came into the office and said, "Hi, Florida" in the chirpy, barbed voice that she puts on when she’s around me and trying to show off some damn thing or other, probably that she has good relationships with some people.

I left the office and went out to my office.  Florida’s office is a small office in my larger office, so NPSW had to walk through my office to get to the hallway. She stomped past my desk and went to the door. I almost let her get out, and then I said, "Katharine, people have told me the things you’ve said about me." She turned around and started screaming that she’d only told people how nasty I was to her since she’d started, and what was wrong with that. Then she stomped into the Director’s office and came out, then stomped back into the Director’s office, then she left.

Later I was asked to a meeting where I was asked about this situation. I admitted some responsibility, but only some. To my defense I said that I thought that whatever I’d said would have set her off.

February of last year I did the Myers-Briggs type test and turned out to be Introverted Thinking with Extraverted Intuition. INTP ("interested more in ideas than in social interaction"). When I went for the follow-up appointment, the counsellor immediately said to me, "You tested the same as my husband,"  and to pretty much all I said or did, she made some reference to my action being the same as her husband’s would have been.

I ended up saying to her, "I have a lot to think about here and I need time to absorb. Could I take this away and contact you with questions later?" to which she said, "That’s exactly what my husband would do. You can contact me any time." and gave me her e-mail address. I never used it.

INTP. Analytical; soft on the problem, hard on the people; interested in process; enjoy being right; not so good at dealing with stress; mostly quiet and self-contained, sometimes charming, but blunt and ungracious when irritated or annoyed. The people I socialize with, the people I work with know these things about me. My saving grace is that whatever it is that I do, I do it well, and I’m often really good at it.

~ by thiscassandra on Friday 11 August 2006.

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