Happy Birthday, Dear Rob/Bobbie

Rob/Bobbie (my ex) gathered a group of us together [Irene (flame), April (friend), Julie (ex), me (ex) & Archer (friend)] for dinner, etc., at Rime, a Turkish restaurant on the Drive. He wanted to use up $100 credit he had there, so invited us to celebrate his birthday with him.

We shared a bunch of dishes between us. I ordered a wonderful beef dish (#10 on the menu – suggested by the barely competent waitress), which was the best of the lot. The meat was yummy, tender and tasty. I would definitely order that again if I were to go there again. With our deserts we were given a plate of turkish delight. Amazingly yummy stuff. I can see how Edmond (Chronicles of Narnia) might have been seduced by it. Even the name of it, Turkish Delight, is sensuous, conjuring up images of ripeness and lushness, smoke and silk and skin and shadow behind a translucent veil. Turkish Delight might be used as a tool in my seduction.

I gave Rob/Bobbie (my ex) a pendent of a person of indeterminate gender (POIG) with ball chain arms and legs. POIG has white jewel head and turquoise jewel body, and is suspended on a ball chain that is the same gage of ball chain as that of the arms and legs. My mother gave POIG to me years ago. Rob/Bobbie wore POIG and everyone noticed and liked it. He likes it. POIG is a successful regift.

Rob/Bobbie (my ex) had a horrendous bike crash (solo) on Saturday, landing on the right side of his body, most heavily on face, hand, knee and shoulder. So he has a black eye and abrasions on all those right side parts. Yeesh. It looks really bad. He says it isn’t too painful.

I went to Horseshoe Bay to work with Daryl today, so had a car booked (red Bug) and was able to extend my use of the car and swng by to pick Rob/Bobbie (my ex) up on the way to the restaruant. He was grateful for this because he is a bit sore.

At work we have a temp who started yesterday. There was to have been one day of overlap with the nasty piece of secretarial work (NPSW), whose last day was yesterday, so that the NSPW could show the basics of the job to the temp. Yesterday morning, when I met the temp and was told that the NPSW was leaving, I was careful to be neutral re. the NPSW, and I hope I was successful.

Anyway, the NPSW was supposed to spend yesterday showing the temp things she would need to know, but, according to the temp, the NPSW spent the day blaming me and slagging me off. When the temp told me this ("She spent the day blaming…") I said, "Yes, she hated me a lot." and the temp said "It isn’t you, it’s all her. I feel this and I talked with my husband about it and he agrees…" I find it a bit weird that the NPSW would slag me off to the new temp, and also a bit weird that the new temp would tell me without knowing me first.

Now I can be difficult (blunt and undiplomatic), but the NPSW is impossible. She hasn’t spoken to me since I told her a way to do something to save everyone some time, and other people had told her to do it the way she did, and I didn’t know that, and I tried to explain that, and she blew up, and stomped away, and bitched at someone else over the terrible thing I had done. I don’t want to be uncharitable, but the NPSW is an impossible person to work with.

The NPSW’s appalling behaviour shows that my impression of her being unpleasant was not just me being my negative self voicing negative opinions about people I don’t like. Fuck yes, I hated working with her. I hated it a lot, but I was never out and out rude to her and I cannot say that she was never rude to me – though she might argue that she was never out and out rude to me. Her being gone will allow me to develop dispassion about her, which I never would have been able to do while still working with her. Fuck yes, I am glad she is gone.

Amy C. took me for lunch again today ( leek & potato soup and crab salad). Despite my protests (weak I know), Amy pays for all the lunches with me, and the costs are reimbursed from Ru’s directorship stipend. During lunch I asked if Ru was okay with her taking me out for lunch so often, and she said that he was delighted that she did it, that he liked me a lot, and that she always came away from seeing me having learned something useful about work and feeling so much better about herself personally. I guess I’m of help to them in more ways than one.

Some days are fuller and busier than others. Today has been very full and busy: work in the morning; lunch with Amy C;
driving to Horseshoe Bay to work in the afternoon with Daryl; driving back to town; trying to buy stuff to put in the 220 outlet for the upstairs laundry (not successful, but I saw the aftermath of a car crash (someone turning left onto 1st Avenue near the freeway exit and you figure out the rest)); birthday dinner with Rob/Bobbie (my
ex) et al. Other than the idea of the NPSW bad mouthing me to the temp, I’ve had loads of positive interactions with people. Much goodness. I am fortunate in my life.

So thank you.

~ by thiscassandra on Wednesday 12 July 2006.

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