The other morning there was a young woman on the bus who had the volume on her sound system so loud that even through the earphones, even sitting across the bus, I could hear the ant music well enough that if I had known the music I would have been able to identify it. Easily.

I leaned forward in my seat and waved a piece of paper in her direction to get her attention. After a few waves, she turned down the volume and looked at me. I said, “Could you please turn down the volume?”

She replied, “WHAT?” and took the earphones out of her ears.

I repeated a little louder this time, “Could you please turn down the volume?”

She said, “IT’S NOT EVEN LOUD.”

I replied, “It is out here.”

She turned away and ignored me for the rest of her trip, but she did turn it down.

When I got off the bus, other people smiled at me.

Ants are swarming in the house, the large downstairs room is some sort of flight path for the flying ants (large and small), and is a trail for the walking ants. I have tried anticide by baits, but baits may not work as well as I would like them to. I bought ant poison (same chemical as in the baits, but in liquid form) today and hope that a bead of the liquid around the ant source will work better.

I pick up the flying ants and drop them in a container of water where they drown. They are easy to pick up and they drown quickly. They seem to come from under the boiler. I wonder if there’s a crack under there or something. I have an idea that if I were to keep the house cleaner than I do, I’d be able to get rid of all the insects that live here. Even the spiders and the flies.

Maybe I need to clean the floor around the boiler.

I ate way too much dinner this evening.

~ by thiscassandra on Monday 10 July 2006.

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