Food Museum 1

BeansproutsItem number 1 from the Food Museum: a can of bean sprouts.

Two of this item are in the collection of The Food Museum.

They were donated by Mrs. Dias, the landlady at the Friendly Grocery. They were stock in the Friendly Grocery, and she gave them to us when we moved in (1990).

I don’t know how old they were then, but they are sixteen years older now.

When we moved in (Dec 90) the store had been closed for six months. The following summer I went into the back yard and found Betsy, the ancient and tubby yellow lab, with her face buried in a large stainless steel salad bowl full of Ring-o-los and other snack foods left over from the Friendly stock.

The Friendly Grocery is now Figaro’s Garden Shop.

~ by thiscassandra on Friday 30 June 2006.

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