Home Again, Home Again

I’ve had a busy day and I even ended up not going to a meeting this everning. Uncharacteristic of me.

I arrived home from dinner at Hon’s with Rob/Bob (my ex), and someone in the First United Church social housing on the other side of Hastings had their sound system blasting and the song was "Stairway to Heaven"(!). I’d forgotten how moving guitar solo can be, you know, that guitar solo near the end of the song, you know where Robert Plant is squawling "and as we wind on down the road…"

Just this weekend, my friend Marlene said something about how comforting 70s music is, and I agreed with her. I had been in London Drugs the day before and these songs came on: "Is She Really Going Out With Him" and "She Came From Planet Claire." I am not sure how comforting I find "Stairway To Heaven."

I am happy to say that I have rescued The Food Museum from Rob/Bob (my ex) who is moving to Montreal for a year. I plan to take photos of some of the choicer items and post them here starting in the morning.

~ by thiscassandra on Thursday 29 June 2006.

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