I Am One With the Others

I now have a cell phone that I may upgrade to a UT Starcom, but we’ll see. Maybe the phone itself is too much for me.

It has text messaging, and I can connect to the internet on it. Wow. How modern. It has loads of features.

With my mother doing not so well, I think I should be more available than I have been. Also, I’ll be spending time on the road between here and Horseshoe Bay. Also, being a member of the Car Co-op, there are times when a cell phone would definitely come in handy.

I ate leftover potatoes and butter, salad (baby greens, kiwi, avocado) and cottage cheese for dinner. For desert I made a fruit concoction based on the rhubarb and lemons in the fridge, the prunes and blueberries in the freezer, and the sugar in the cupboard. I ate it with yoghurt and it was yummy.

I have nothing bad to say about freshly cooked fruit goop and yoghurt together. I have some organic ginger in the fridge. Maybe I’ll recook the fruit goop with some of the ginger in there too. Plums and ginger are wonderfully complementary flavours.

~ by thiscassandra on Wednesday 28 June 2006.

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