Sunny Outlook on a Sunny Day

I rode my bike to the World Urban Forum and was inspired to live more sustainably – reduce, reuse, recycle; eat more beans and less meat – and remembered what a self-righteous, flatulent ass I become when I am living more sustainably than other people. So I give up on the balanced life with the small eco footprint. I consume what I consume (and by chance and design, my consumption is not so high compared to the others in my situation [see how self-righteous I am?]).

At the barbershop I can walk to without crossing any streets, I got a haircut today – $9.00 & $1.00 tip = $10.00. These inexpensive cuts at the Chinese barbers are never the cuts I ask for, but they’re okay. Better than getting a $100.00 haircut that you didn’t ask for.

Cindy, the barber who cut my hair, spoke to me as though I were a twenty-year-old: Do you live with your parents? Do you like living on your own? It was flattering somehow, but very weird.

I did some gardening on the roof today, repotted the beauty berry bush into a bigger pot. I think it will like it there. I almost killed it the other day by not watering it enough. The weather has been sunny and hot, and my roof is a microclimate of even hotter weather; the plants like it but they get pretty dehydrated. I need to think of a way to remember to water them now that I’m not going up on the roof so often.

I think it’s hot enough on the roof to grow sweet cherries, but I would have to remember to water them often.

I have been allergic to this whole week. Even the Reactine isn’t working for me, I have been sneezing and snuffling and snorting a lot. My eyes are itchy and my throat is sore. Yuck. When I am having allergic responses, I really am quite attractive and it is easy for me to maintain my sunny outlook  on life. Yuck.

~ by thiscassandra on Saturday 24 June 2006.

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