Ring Rang This Afternoon

Friday before last – after getting back from the great circle tour – I was shopping at the food coop and Laura introduced me to Ring, who is a Japanese-Korean carpenter and handywoman. She and I talked a bit about my (hoped-for) renovations, and exchanged phone numbers.

This afternoon Ring rang and came over to see thisCastle and get a better idea of the work I want done. So far so good – I think she’ll be able to build the wall in the garage and to vent the dryer in the upstairs laundry room. Both of these jobs are relatively small and not too difficult to do if one knows how.

This afternoon I also spoke with Jeffrey, who works for RicePaper and is editing MetaForeign. He reckons MetaForeign will appear in the Winter (January) issue. The Fall (Sept) issue is at the layout stage now.

There happens to be an Asian-Canadian aspect to more than just these two interesting things happening in my life, but I can’t think of other examples.

I’ve not been feeling very nice lately, so I stopped drinking caffeinated beverages again. In my honest moments, I know I shouldn’t be ingesting caffeine at all, not even in the relatively weak form in tea. My problem is that I can take it sometimes, in small quantities, and then I believe that I can do it all the time. After a while, the caffeine accumulates and I get grumpier and grumpier until it’s unbearable for everybody, including me. I can be such a bitch. It’s probably better that I avoid the stuff altogether.

This is another crux place in my life. I am not the only one in thisCastle who is at a crux place. Dallas, my new flatmate, is at a crux place too. His decisions are (I think) making him a bit crazy right now. When we talk I use the valium voice, but I think it works better on me than it does on him. I’m feeling pretty sleepy. Good night.

~ by thiscassandra on Monday 29 May 2006.

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