Graffiti On thisCastle

PenguinThere is yet more graffiti on the garage doors: for months there was none, then the sprayed-bombed  penguin appeared, and now there’s tagging on two of the windows. I don’t know what sort of medium the
tagging was done in, but it appears to be some sort of paint in a yucky puce-ish, pink-ish colour (the colour in the photo is pretty nice compared to the reality). I’ll try to get rid of it this weekend.

Zet3I’m irritated that people find it necessary to tag my garage doors with such pointless logos in such an ugly colour. Why couldn’t they, whoever they are, be doing work of great and aching beauty? If I could find myself awestruck with the beauty or the wit or the wonder of the message, I might be okay with it. I might be less annoyed with it if I could see its value, but I do not see the value of these crudely drafted tags.

Jet 13, whoever you are, just fuck off. Just fuck right off.

I can’t believe these morons could be so proud of such a tag as to display them anywhere in public. Can they not see? Why can’t they be happy with just pissing on and shitting behind the hydro pole? The idiots…

(Because it’s two sets of people doing the two types of spraying, that’s why)

NorthsplashI’m grumpy…

That said, for some reason I quite like the splashes of colour that someone threw onto the north wall of thisCastle. In my history of thisCastle they have always been, and I am glad of them.

~ by thiscassandra on Thursday 11 May 2006.

2 Responses to “Graffiti On thisCastle”

  1. Very strange. We have what appears to be an exact copy of your penguin painted on the wall of the Foundry. I noticed it yesterday; it looked sort of cute next to the large painting of an amazon woman brandishing two machine guns.

  2. he looks more like a seagull to me. of course, i see seagulls daily; penguins only seem to be found at the zoo. oh yeah, and the arctic.

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