Last night Dallas wanted to watch a movie so we walked to Moonboy’s
DVD palace in the Lucky Rooms on Union just off Jackson. The entryway
smells of cat pee and hamburger and cream of mushroom soup – bachelor
spray and bachelor food. Mm-mmm good.

Moonboy’s decor consists of a photo that he took of some eggs in a
carton with one egg balanced atop one of the others – "I balanced this
egg, it took me less than ten seconds." "I took the picture too!" – and
a few short, overly shiny fake swords hanging on the door and the

Moonboy’s is a borrowing club, rather than a rental business, and he
has an odd collection of DVDs, including the Supertramp concert DVD.
Dallas said, "We should get some music DVDs, like Supertramp or Abba,"
and I said "If we get Abba, we may have to dance," and Moonboy piped in
"That’s Supertramp playing right now."

Like anybody could not know that that was Supertramp on the sound system.

"I went to that concert. 2002, BC Place."

"Was it good?"

"It rocked."

"Did you bring a lighter?"

"You bet I did, I
lit my lighter and sang all the songs. I am the karoake king of

Anyway, we decided on The Aristocrats, and Moonboy put the DVD in a
case and gave it to Dallas. When we got outside we looked at the
pictures on the case and saw that they were photos of Moonboy dressed
in little more than leather vest, loincloth and streamered bands at forehead, wrists
and ankles. He has tattooed upper arms. He is buff and oiled up. He is standing in the en garde posture and is holding one of the swords from his decor.
He has an intense look on his face. One shot is taken from the side and
the other from the front.

Moonboy is king of super tramp. He sings the songs.

~ by thiscassandra on Thursday 27 April 2006.

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