Fixing Leaky Things Around thisCastle

I had a bunch of plumbing jobs done last evening: replacing thefawcet and garburator in the kitchen, fixing the tap in the shower, fixing the leak in the pipe on the downstairs sink.

I know that most of the stuff we did was DIY stuff, which means I probably could have done them myself, but it would have taken me an entire day, maybe more, to do any one of the jobs. It took the plumber less than three hours, including putting in new pipes for the garburator and plumbing in an access pipe. I think it’s well worth it to pay the professionals to do these things for me

Especially replacing the garburator.

If I hadn’t had someone else do the work, it would never have been done and the leaks would have got worse and worse. So finding someone to do the work has kept me from turning into my mother, who prefers not to maintain her house, anytime soon.

~ by thiscassandra on Wednesday 12 April 2006.

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