Light Shining on Rob 2

Light_on_rob_1Here is the photo of my great friend Rob H which I mentioned in Light Shining on Rob, a post from a week or so ago.

May he forgive me for posting this photo here, but I could not resist. I’ve also posted another photo of him which I’d forgotten about. Both photos were taken many many years ago. When we were excessively young.

A question asked of Rob H in his green-sweater phase by an older gentleman, a continental customer of the bank where he worked: "How old are you, boy?" Yes, how old are you, boy? Nineteen years old, sir.


Nineteen and apparently so pure of heart; my great friend Rob H is no longer nineteen, but he is still pure in his way.


~ by thiscassandra on Monday 20 February 2006.

2 Responses to “Light Shining on Rob 2”

  1. I remember

  2. je me souviens, aussi.

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