Ian Cameron’s name is Mitchell Robert O****, not Ian Cameron. Apparently Ian Cameron is the name of a Carleton U prof for whom Mitch TAd when he was doing his MA.

Dinner with Bert last evening, fun at Hon’s on Keefer. It is lovely to see him and Cluny.

Talked with Mitch, the Faux Cameron (he called and left a message, I called back), who wants to get together Thursday evening into Friday morning (we’re each off work Friday). We’re pretty distracted by one another. Majorly. I’m very much looking forward to seeing him tomorrow.

This thing may not be forever, but it’s fun for now and that’s the important thing. I’m glad that I responded to his initial e-mail, thanking me for the comment on CL RnR, though at the time I didn’t think I would. Right now my horizon is pretty clear of Chris. I feel far stronger and can fight my own temptation to see him again. I am grateful to Mitch for eclipsing some of the other stuff for me.

So tomorrow evening the intent is to start earlier, go on later, and (perhaps) to sleep together and to wake up together. All that stuff that may be too much for me, may be too soon. For me having sex with people is not easy, but it is far easier than sleeping with them. That particular intimacy is very difficult for me.

Mitch is small and I am compact. We are a perfect fit. He said, “It’s as though someone took our measurements and said, these two people should be together.”

Re. Gail, I have to remind myself that month’s end signifies an enddate to her living here, so at most 14 more sleeps til she’s gone. The time since she moved in has been incredibly frustrating for me: the transition from having Robert, the world’s lowest maintenance flatmate, here, to having Gail, who needs a lot of help, here was quite a strain.

It started within 5 seconds of her starting her move in, Gail standing on the threshold holding a small box, telling me that she wasn’t comfortable with the lack of high speed internet. Now, we’d discussed this issue and I was happy with my dial-up connection and not willing to pay more, and she wasn’t willing to pay for it, but she was also not willing to invest the time and money into getting her computer working with my dial up system. I told her that we’d discussed the internet access issue and that my system worked fine for me and that I wasn’t willing to put a lot of energy into changing it for her, and that it was her problem, not mine to get her system working within the system in the house.

That was the beginning of March.

Yesterday I needed to talk with Joy, but didn’t have her number with me, so called Gail:

C: Hi Gail, it’s Cass. Do you happen to have Joy’s number?

G: You want my number?

C: No, I have your number. I want Joy’s number.

G: My number?

C: No, Joy’s number. I need Joy’s number.

G: Oh, Joy’s number, hold on, I’ll look it up.

(sound of pages flipping)

G: Here it is:  604-55

C: Gail, that’s my…

G: 5-956…

C: Gail, that’s my number.

G: Oh, I have to go.

(hangs up)

Sometime today the work phone rang and I answered it and it was Chris, and I immediately said to him, “You have to stop calling me.” He said, “Okay”, I said, “Thank you” and hung up.

I think that Mitch may be the rebound guy for the rebound guy that Chris was.

~ by thiscassandra on Wednesday 18 May 2005.

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